Bedder Days

Been a while on this thing, but I am currently getting the 4runner prepped for a 17 day trip up north in which I will be living in the truck during that time. So to give some nice organization and a good solid sleeping bench I started making this platform. Framed from 1″x6″ pine and stapled/glued together with some industrial carpet on top of the 1/2″ ply, I have less then $100 into it. It will be bolted down to where the rear seat backrest pivots and where the rear roll bar bolts to.

Rear portion framed that slides in from the back:

Cabinet doors:

Forward portion framed that goes over where the rear seat sits:

Both halves bolted together with two 3/8 bolts and doors installed and carpeted:

Side panels cut and resting on where they will be positioned:

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