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So after a couple canyon runs it was determined that these brakes are crap. Brake fade half way through a run just wont cut it. Granted these are old rotors and crappy pads but these rotors are just too small and have hardly any thermal capacity for such a large vehicle. Every run my rotors would be glowing red, no bueno. So in my fashion of being a cheap ass, I decided to go ahead and do a budget big brake kit. Built an Excel sheet and determined my brake gains with a large brake kit. In all reality all I needed was more thermal mass, i.e. bigger rotor. But in my findings if I;m going big rotors, do calipers too because the swept area of the pad is so small on a larger rotor that you have a higher heat concentration on the outer part of the rotor. So here is the combination I came up with and it allows me to retain the stock 5×100 wheel pattern.

04 Subie STi rotor
03 LS430 Caliper

06 Legacy GT Turbo Rotor
03 LS430 caliper

The Legacy caliper has the same diameter parking brake and is almost spot on in the rotor offset. It is vented and should fit the LS430 2 pot caliper pretty well (It’s also a radial mount).




Now for the front, I only have the caliper so far and it is massive. Its a really awesome caliper and only costs $70 from AutoZone! Its a mono-block 4 Pot radial caliper that only weighs 9 pounds.



So all that is needed are custom rings to take up the slop in the rotor and hub mating and make brackets for the calipers. I might make a kit available for both ST165 and ST185’s.

So a cost estimate:

Rotors: $180
Calipers: $280

$460 + cost of brackets and rings, not bad!


  • FSL
    August 24, 2017 - 12:08 am | Permalink


    I am in the process of doing a BBK for my ST185 and ST165s. I’m also a member on I’ve followed your conversion but missed out on the GB for the adapters. However, I would like to proceed with the LS430 BBK kit for my projects. Best set up $ for $. I will be using Camry V6 5×114.3 hubs up front. Will the LS340 rotors/calipers fit in your opinion? For the rears, I will be using RX300 hubs/rotors with ST165 or (ST205 brake calipers) which I also have. Would the rear LS430 rotors fit the rears with the ST205 calipers since they’re also 315mm?
    Thanks for your time.

    • admin
      August 24, 2017 - 7:45 am | Permalink

      I have no idea about 114.3 stuff. It’s all about the offset. Why do you want to 114.3? Wheel selection is not that much better and there’s nothing to figure out if you go the 5×100 route.

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