Bought an ST165

I am terrible at updating, hopefully I can become more habitual about it in the future. This ST165 came up on Club4AG for sale back in July and I couldn’t pass it up. Already had a 2nd Gen 3SGTE swapped in, just need the wiring finished. Came with a bunch of new parts and is pretty clean aside from some ugly hood vents. The guy eliminated the power steering and A/C, both things I want back in because it will be my daily street car. Plus I will be driving in the SCCA RallyCross in the Prepped AWD class so it would be nice to sit with the A/C on. I sold the KP61 as I don’t need two street cars, but I do plan on buying a full race car sometime before next years race seasons. Maybe Miata Spec or some type of mod class using the Miata… or maybe spec E30?



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