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After the multiple trips on the old performance products springs I got out of the junkyard, I got tired of the rear sagging with all of my gear. Tire wear started to accelerate so it was time for a proper rear lift. I chose to run OME 890 springs as they were the same ones I had on my first 3rd gen. They are rated for a 3″ lift and have a higher spring rate for carrying a heavier load. I also went with Toytecs Bistein 5125’s which are rumored to have special valving for the 3rd gen’s weight. Probably just propaganda. The picture is a little exaggerated as the springs have settled pretty well. Trip to Coyote Flats next weekend will be a good understanding of what, if anything, I need to do for the front.


Got bumps n shoes

Stock tape player took a dump right after I bought the truck so it was time to replace.


Went with an Alpine Media Receiver that has no CD player, it’s basically an amp with a face plate. Under it I attached a Cobra 18WXSTII CB radio because its one of the only DIN CB’s out there. Accompanied with a Firestik, I now have a working CB. The stock power antenna was broken so I ordered a Tacoma unit which bolts in.

Panavise makes a neat RAM mount extension that bolts to where the radio attaches and comes out around the trim. I mounted a RAM ball mount to the bracket and now have my iPad for navigation as well a media center/watch Little Mermaid while driving.


Oh and 4th gen rims and some brand new 255/75-17 BFG KM’s. Just about 1k out the door for the whole setup including a spare tire.



The Zorb Awakens

Back at this stupid website. Got a new job. Moved to the OC. And sold the 4Runner. Bummed about it overall but it needed to happen. I was looking at it and the engineer voice in my head said it was stupid and needed a ton more work to be Alaska reliable. I fought the voice and I lost, hopefully it went to a good home although will probably see it on Craigslist in a couple months after the dude rolls it.

So got this sik whip:

2000 4Runner Limited with ELocker
160k miles and came with the original window sticker, $38k!

It’s slow, it’s cush, the A/C works real nice. But it’s not 1st gen cool. Oh well, I had a 3rd gen for 7 years before my 1st gen. Really probably one of Toyota’s best chassis except for that ratchet lower ball joint issue.

And the best part, I can get parts at the junkyard now. 1st gen’s have disappeared completely. And from my last trip came across these beauties:



Some old Performance Products gettup. Sure it’s used but for $80 I couldn’t complain and I was looking for a mild lift anyways.


About an 1 1/2″ lift which I think is perfect. I had the Tundra lift on my last 3rd gen and while it looked cool and worked, it was kind of too much. This is not going to be a crawler, adventure/overland/backcountry/get out of the snow machine.


Bedder Days

Been a while on this thing, but I am currently getting the 4runner prepped for a 17 day trip up north in which I will be living in the truck during that time. So to give some nice organization and a good solid sleeping bench I started making this platform. Framed from 1″x6″ pine and stapled/glued together with some industrial carpet on top of the 1/2″ ply, I have less then $100 into it. It will be bolted down to where the rear seat backrest pivots and where the rear roll bar bolts to.

Rear portion framed that slides in from the back:

Cabinet doors:

Forward portion framed that goes over where the rear seat sits:

Both halves bolted together with two 3/8 bolts and doors installed and carpeted:

Side panels cut and resting on where they will be positioned:


Shift Dat Pt.2

Mounted the Camaro 4L60 shifter using some steel strap and riveting it to the body. Pretty solid. Gonna have to get creative with the under covers though.


4Runner Adventures

Weekend Pictures

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Ol’ buck’s lady hump

Built this bumper for the Runner mostly because I needed a trailer hitch. Pretty simple using 3×3 steel tubing .188 wall, mitered and capped. TIG welded together and MIG welded to the frame.






Sunday Flex Alert

Took Chevota out after about a month of not driving it. Some monkey head syphoned my gas while it was sitting outside my shop. Vulcan Idiots!