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more stupid arduinos

Ya going balls out on this one. Two 2.4″ TFT’s controlled by an Arduino each. The screen is powered by 3.3v so needed a specific Arduino Pro Mini to work it. Used a 7805 5V regulator with appropriate caps on the input and output.


Coolant gauge is set and works good. The gas gauge is tough as it I needed to build a voltage divider and then translate the voltage to the appropriate level in the tank. I need to establish a better averaging or smoothing algorithm as any turns or braking causes the reading to go ape.

Speed sensor is proving to be a lot more complicated. I had it working on the stock ST165 electric speed sensor that the ECU uses for Speed Cut. The instrument cluster is powered by a cable driven speedo which worked until the cable broke. I wanted to be all digital but the stupid sensor get an incredible amount of noise from the engine shaking that it’s terrible. Its an old hall sensor that works on 4 pulses per revolution. Other option is to put an ABS sensor back in the car but I threw them away like an idiot. I still have one in the rear but was planning on pulling it out also.

Projects ST165

Shock Dis-assembly

I took apart one of these shocks a couple months ago and as I expected, it’s super simple. The piston is basically a coil and has multiple layers and passage ways for the fluid to transfer. The piston is really tight tolerance and rides inside the machined housing without a seal. I was surprised how low the wear is on the machine wall.








Projects ST165

Magnetorheological Magic

A project that has been stirring in my head for a while involves the use of magnetorheological shocks on my AllTrac. Magnetorheological? How do you say? Look it up stupid. It’s the use of ferrofluid to change dampening characteristics of a damper almost instantaneously. Basically I can have a Skyhook style suspension system that will package and respond eleventeen times better then that funky Tein EDFC chingis. These shocks can react in real time and paired with a good spring, can provide the most ideal suspension characteristics not only in jounce in rebound but in a dynamic response to roll, dive and squat. Along with a speed signal, suspension characteristics can also change. There is no High and low Speed dampening, there is “All speed” dampening I guess you can say. Why hasn’t anyone made an aftermarket coilover utilizing this great discovery? I don’t know. I do know that the shocks do undergo a lot more wear and from the forum complaints I have seen, the fluid destroys the seals and may give you a max of 80k out of it. most people replace the system with regular gas shocks and a fake out resistor for the controller. I have disassembled one of the shocks and will show some pictures of what it looks like inside once I get them uploaded. The shocks I chose are the front’s off of an Escalade/Denali and picked a pair off Craigslist for $150. The idiot said they were barely used but he just cleaned them up because the seals are shot. I did notice they are held to an initial pressure with gas. It’s not very high and it’s necessary to maintain some characteristic in the fluid. I think it has to do with settling of the iron particles but who knows. I will be establishing that when I go through the tests. I am currently designing a shock dyno to go through re-engineering the shock.

These things work on a simple PWM circuit so I will have an Arduino control that along with an Arduino as a makeshift DAQ for the load sensor and linear potentiometer. Ya, I’m ballin on a budget again, buying these Arduino’s from China for $3 each along with a used 500lb eBay load sensor(last calibrated 10 years ago), a junkyard linear potentiometer(last calibrated????) and an eBay Pneumatic ram (not purchased yet).

Projects ST165

Progress for the Arduino Gauge

Below are the iterations for the carrier of the gauge.


Did some tweaks to a previously written code to display the “Oil” and “psi” portions. Gonna keep it simple for now then later on change the text and such

And a picture of the Honeywell Pressure Transducer I picked up on eBay for $16.


3rd Gen 3S

Picked up this little bundle of joy for $500 off just for the trans since my syncros are shot on the 165 trans. Gonna dump a bunch of money and just swap the whole chingis into the car just so I have no more oil leaks and I can run a standalone finally.3S


Lexus SC rear calipers on the ST165

Been lagging on the rear brakes and since pick your part had a 50% off sale during New Years, I picked up some SC400 rear calipers. But as I’m usually an idiot, I was supposed to get SC300 calipers. SC400’s have a 307mm rear rotor, while the SC300’s have a 290mm which is the same as the Legacy GT rear rotors I bought and fitted. Oh well, they still have the same bolt pattern. I think this is the magic combo though. Bolt holes line up and the offset is almost perfect. A small amount of milling/grinding will need to be done to the caliper mounting face and the upright will need to be drilled to the larger SC brake caliper bolt.

caliper1 caliper2 caliper3


ST165/162 BBBBK are in stock (might fit ST185)


Concentric rings not shown.

Email me for details. weedletrainer at


Bled and burnin

And now I can stop.







Front Brakes Bolt Up

Using my 3D printer I printed up a designed bracket. After one modification I had a final designed. After final mockup I went ahead and got it machined.


Trimmed the dust shield to fit the larger rotor.



Machined concentric ring.


To get full pad contact a small amount of material removal from the caliper is necessary.



3D Printed

Redesigned the front brackets for the brake calipers. Bought a 3D printer couple weeks back and put it to work. Probably one of the best investments next to my TIG/PLASMA machine.