Got bumps n shoes

Stock tape player took a dump right after I bought the truck so it was time to replace.


Went with an Alpine Media Receiver that has no CD player, it’s basically an amp with a face plate. Under it I attached a Cobra 18WXSTII CB radio because its one of the only DIN CB’s out there. Accompanied with a Firestik, I now have a working CB. The stock power antenna was broken so I ordered a Tacoma unit which bolts in.

Panavise makes a neat RAM mount extension that bolts to where the radio attaches and comes out around the trim. I mounted a RAM ball mount to the bracket and now have my iPad for navigation as well a media center/watch Little Mermaid while driving.


Oh and 4th gen rims and some brand new 255/75-17 BFG KM’s. Just about 1k out the door for the whole setup including a spare tire.


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