It moved

Finally got that stupid $400 truck to move its own weight, idling at least. Throttle cable is badly burnt so I picked one up off a newer 4Runner to retrofit. Harness was fixed using a same era fuse box spliced in and repairing some of the burnt wires. The starter relay was fried so instead of trying to find one I just bought a $15 Ford starter relay and it works perfect. The 2LT uses a CT20 turbo but when I went to take it apart to rebuild it, the center shaft snapped. So now it’s trash so I just slapped on a $150 Chinese turbo while a eventually either source another turbo or retrofit a CT26. Kinda just want to keep the truck stick but a little more boost might be nice. The coolant neck is very badly corroded so it will need to be fixed before it can run for an extended period.

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