Surgery for the SV

Bought a 2006 GSXR Front Fork Assembly off Craigslist to swap on to the SV. Here is the first day of work:

DSC_1000 (800x533) DSC_1002 (800x533) DSC_1006 (800x533) DSC_1008 (800x533) DSC_1009 (800x533) DSC_1010 (800x533) DSC_1011 (800x533) DSC_1012 (800x533) DSC_1013 (800x533) DSC_1014 (800x533)

Utilizing a top clamp from a GSXR 600 allowed me to keep the stock ignition lock. However a new design for the top clamp is in the works and will be made from billet. I plan to raise the front 1″ back to the stock ride height in the front. Since that is the plan, I had no problem drilling the top clamp to mount my flatbar.

DSC_1015 (800x533) DSC_1016 (800x533) DSC_1017 (800x533)

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