The Zorb Awakens

Back at this stupid website. Got a new job. Moved to the OC. And sold the 4Runner. Bummed about it overall but it needed to happen. I was looking at it and the engineer voice in my head said it was stupid and needed a ton more work to be Alaska reliable. I fought the voice and I lost, hopefully it went to a good home although will probably see it on Craigslist in a couple months after the dude rolls it.

So got this sik whip:

2000 4Runner Limited with ELocker
160k miles and came with the original window sticker, $38k!

It’s slow, it’s cush, the A/C works real nice. But it’s not 1st gen cool. Oh well, I had a 3rd gen for 7 years before my 1st gen. Really probably one of Toyota’s best chassis except for that ratchet lower ball joint issue.

And the best part, I can get parts at the junkyard now. 1st gen’s have disappeared completely. And from my last trip came across these beauties:



Some old Performance Products gettup. Sure it’s used but for $80 I couldn’t complain and I was looking for a mild lift anyways.


About an 1 1/2″ lift which I think is perfect. I had the Tundra lift on my last 3rd gen and while it looked cool and worked, it was kind of too much. This is not going to be a crawler, adventure/overland/backcountry/get out of the snow machine.

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